Paper and Pulp Handling

Paper Roll Clamps

Meeting the paper roll industry’s need for damage free roll handling with maximum efficiency, Cascade offers a full line of paper roll clamps and roll clamp damage reduction options to handle paper rolls regardless of diameter, weight or type of paper. Cascade’s rugged paper roll clamps handle paper rolls of every size for industries from stevedoring to printing.

1 & 2 Stack Tower Clamps

Designed for mills and stevedores where multiple roll handling improves productivity, Cascade’s Single & Double Tower Clamps are application rated and field proven for demanding high-cycle operations. These versatile clamps handle from two to eight paper rolls.

Tissue Roll Clamps

Designed for gentle handling of tissue rolls.

Load Extender

Extending the load is a useful application when loading and unloading trucks or railcars from one side only. On the front of the load extender a range of attachments can be fitted, like fork positioners and roll clamps, making the load extender a flexible tool.

Pulp Bale Clamps

For high-volume, damage free and secure handling of pulp bales and unitized pulp in stevedoring, mill, warehousing, shipboard and transporting operations.

Broke Paper Clamp

Designed for handling scrap (Broke Paper) in paper mills.

Recycling Clamps

Rugged and durable clamps built to excel in recycling harsh applications. Designed with full length alloy steel wear bars, full width UHMW bearings and Frame bumpers to protect cylinders these recycling clamps withstand the most demanding applications.