Fork Attachment Modifications


Modifying blank forks to eye mount, shaft/pin type, replace upper and lower fork hooks with new.


Pin-Type forks are guided on a shaft. The dimensions are not standardized. Aton Engineering produces a wide variety of pin-type forks which are individually designed to customer’s requirement. Pin-type forks are used for larger lift trucks or for construction machines.

Blank Forks

Blank forks are forks without any kind of suspension for example hooks, drill holes, eyes, etc. Normally this kind of fork is produced for the attachment industry which completes the blank with their own kind of specific suspension. Forks are individually designed to customer’s requirement.

Standard Forklift Forks

ITA/FEM forks are supplied as standard to the majority of industrial forklifts in four standard hanging configurations ranging from Class II to Class IV with numerous differing under clearances. Fork location to the carriage is achieved with either a standard or mushroom latchpin.

Modification of forks to suite Merlo fork trucks