Wine and Spirits 

Wine Barrel Handler

Cascade’s Wine Barrel Handler simplifies the barrel handling process. Designed to work in the “cave” or “narrow aisle” operations, the Wine Barrel Handler allows a lift truck driver to easily grab a barrel from a stack, lower it to the ground or move it to the desired location. A 180-degree swinging fork assembly mounted on a full-width traversing frame allows the driver to pick up a barrel from either the left- or the right-hand side of a narrow aisle. The Wine Barrel Handler can handle most types and sizes of wine barrels. Also included in the fork cradle design are rollers to aide in the manual spinning of the barrel for mixing.

Bin Retainer

Lightweight bin retainer for the agricultural market. Holds plastic and wooden bins securely during rotation. For bin inverting and dumping versatility.

Keg Handler

Two model offerings allow you to handle either 18 full barrel kegs or 36 empty barrel kegs. They provide a safe and efficient method for loading and unloading trailers at breweries, distributors and warehouse operations. Not designed to handle Sankey kegs.